Sunday, September 4, 2016

Something People With Chronic Back Pain Should Know

...before you have surgery.

Here is a reader's submission about her dangerous experience with Spinal Fusion Surgery. This post is not meant to scare you, but to inform those of you who will be or might be undergoing a similiar procedure about what to look for when it comes to symptoms of an imperfect surgery.

I would also like to encourage ALL OF US not to downplay our own instincts when it comes to our body after someone has been poking around inside them: You are not messing anything up by telling your doctor something just isn't right! If you think something is wrong, get help immediatelyAll surgery is a risk, so we only do it when the benefit outweighs the risk. I am VERY happy to report that the young woman who wrote this post is on the mend and is expected to make a full recovery.

Here is our reader's anonymous story...

"Kinda gross rant: A week ago today, I had my back fused at the L4 - L5 level, it went great. All the pain in my left leg is gone and I was up walking, I was so happy. It hurt bad to move but I did it because I was going to make this work.

> I < was NOT going to mess this up.

At home I was most comfortable standing with most of my weight on my left leg. I haven't done that in I don't know how long. Now a few days later, I start…

1) getting a bad headache

2) my eyes go blurred

3) I'm seeing two and three of everything.

I took my back brace off because...

4) something didn't feel right I reach behind me and...

5) everything is wet.

And it doesn't stop coming.

6) I start getting sick

...and Dad gets me in the truck and rushes me to the ER.
[And saves her life].
7) I was so confused

8) I couldn't talk right.

[My primary care doc] and the ER doc called [the nearest big hospital’s] AIR TEAM (!!!) and I was getting loaded to come back here to see if I had a spinal fluid leak. Well I did. And I had to go back in for another surgery with [my back doctor] to find it and fix it. He was able to and I woke up with no headache and no more throwing up. I am on complete bed rest. Today, I get to sit up so that's nice. [This girl could spot the silver lining in a thunderstorm].

So that's what's new with me. (Sorry for bad grammar and spelling I'm on lots of meds..."

Oh, I think we forgive you for the grammar and spelling errors and thank God you are all right. You guardian angel must be worn out by now. On behalf of MWCI, I'd like to offer prayers for a full and peaceful recovery and (gentle) pats on the back for you from all our readers because Oh My Wow, what an ordeal. 

Here's a song about cancer victims and survivors, but it can be applied to a broader range of victims and survivors of these fickle bodies of ours.