Sunday, April 17, 2016

Poetry: "Darkness, Pitch Blackness"

"ASK, & it will be given to you;
SEEK, & you will find;
KNOCK, and it will be opened to you.
For everyone who asks RECEIVEs,
& the one who seeks FINDs,
& to the one who knocks it will be OPENed."
by Anonymous

Darkness, pitch blackness, please go away,
my baby wants to play with me today
but I can't move: my heart is stuck.
When did the dark replace my love?

Sickness, long sickness, please go away,
I want to be ME again just for today,
but I can't smile or brush my hair.
I can't remember you not being there.

Sadness, tired sadness, please go away,
all my baby wants is to play.
Let me smile, let laugh,
God, please let me love her back!

Pain, constant pain, please go away,
There is a lot I need to do today.
I've got to clean, I've got to play,
but I can't do any of it with you in my way.

Meds, drowsy meds, please go away,
I need to be awake and alert all the day.
I want to run, and I want to play,
I don't want to give all my energy away.

Memories, bad memories, please go away,
I just can't deal with you today.
You've taken my past, but I want my now,
I'll get it back, forget PTSD, and I don't care how.

Thoughts, vicious thoughts, please go away. 
You're starting to scare me with the way
you make horrible things sound so sane.
No! That is NOT how I will deal with my pain!

Satan, lying Satan, please go away.
Stop hindering my life in every way.
I have Christ in my soul,
and He promises He will not let you take hold!

Baptism, sweet baptism, remind me again
of how my Savior won for me heaven,
of how He gives me strength here on earth,
of how it's the Son of God I am worth.

Lord's Supper, Communion, imbue me with hope,
give me God's armor so that I can cope
with my everyday life that's so very hard:
use a brave knight to replace this ugly coward.

Scripture, God's Word, please strengthen me now,
give me the power to spurn Satan somehow.
I keep failing, and I don't know why.
It's almost as if I don't want to try.

Prayer, whispered prayers, you're all I have left.
Of all other weapons, I am finally bereft.
I've lost my words, Holy Spirit, please speak for me.
You promised I'd find if only I'd seek.

Well, I'm seeking. I'm asking. I'm knocking, too,
with what little heart I have left.
I'm just not finding ...You.
"I know the PLANS I have for YOU,
declares the LORD,
plans for WELFARE & NOT for EViL,
to give you A FUTURE & A HOPE.
Then you will CALL upon Me
& COME & PRAY to Me,
You will SEEK Me & FIND Me,
when you seek Me