Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Cards That God Has Dealt

I pray that God would send His angels right down here to you
So that like in Gethsemane, they would help you through
All the pain you have inside no matter where that pain is from:
Messed up brain chemicals or regrets or a life you've never won.
An angel's job is to make us feel strong when we are feeling weak,
But remember that feeling weak won't make you any kind of freak.
Christ was at His strongest when only His weakness was showing t ,
So today your weakness is bright, but really your strength is glowing.
Anyone can live life when their brain and body work right,
But YOU can make it through when the days, to you, are nights.
You're not weak at all, but the strongest person I know.
Let the weakness come in then so that your True Strength might show.
You're not being tested — no test is needed here.
My guess is you're being groomed for some great task that's coming near,
Something that is not about you, but about someone else in pain,
Someone else whose zest for life forgets to wax but still wanes.
This person will become more important to you than how you feel,
This person will desperately need to know what is fake and what is real.
This person you may know, or perhaps it's someone you haven't met,
So be sure you stick around to see what this life has to offer yet.
You might be someone who needs to save that someone else,
You might be someone who will be given the gift of forgetting about himself.
And in that moment it won't matter at all, the bad things that you've felt.
Turn your back on Satan now and bravely play the cards that God has dealt.

My grace is sufficient for you,
for my power is made perfect in weakness.”
"Gethsemane" (Castle Version)
Carl Bloch