Saturday, August 29, 2015

Please Help!

Dear MWCI,

Please help me!!! I'm having trouble keeping my energetic 2-year-old, an only child, active enough in the mornings to nap well in the afternoons. (I'm at my sickest in the mornings, and she just doesn't need as much downtime as I do anymore). She's good at playing by herself, but only quiet things like cooking, cars, and reading. We join playgroups, go to the park or the pool or for walks, and have friends over when we can, but I'm often too sick for that. Sometimes I even need a babysitter or one of her sweet surrogate families to step in for a few hours. 

I don't need to go into how crappy this makes me feel about my qualities as a mother, but what I will ask is: What are some indoor and outdoor games to play at home that might help us out?

 ~ Please help me do something right.